Texas Garden Materials offers several types of soil garden compost topsoil mixes. You may pick-up at our store location in Richmond near Sugar Land, TX. We sell it by the yard at bulk prices.

Also, we offer delivery directly to your home or job-site project. We deliver in Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, when delivering to residential homes we use a smaller dump trailer that allows for better access to the driveway. The smaller dump trailer can deliver up to 6 yards. If you need larger amounts we also deliver in bobtail truckloads or semi truckloads. When delivering in bobtail truckloads we can deliver 8-12 yards. In semi truckloads we can deliver 18-20 yards.

Texas Garden Materials also offers soil delivery and installation. We deliver throughout the Houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy TX and surrounding areas. No delivery are too small or too big.  Moreover, no installation landscape project are too small or too big. All products listed below are suitable for any landscaping project.

Use our soil calculator to see how many yards you will need:


  • Specs:
    • Consists of Bio Compost
    • Humus
    • Screened loam
    • Very popular for raised bed planting.
    • Flower Garden Bed
    • Vegetable Garden
    • Provides exceptional nutrient retention as well as drainage for plants.
  • Sale!
    • 60/40 blend of course sand and bio solids
    • It is an ideal combination for topdressing existing lawns
    • Base soil mix for a new sod install.
  • Specs:
    • Blend of bio-solids compost, humus, with slight amount of sandy loam.
    • pH around 7
    • High in organic matter with micro and macro nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium potassium, copper, iron, etc.
    • It is perfect for raised beds
    • Garden beds
    • General landscape planting
  • Specs:

    • Compost manure-based compost is mature and tested.
    • It is made from animal manure as the nitrogen source and sawdust as the carbon source.
    • Mainly poultry manure due to local sourcing.
    • Blended to the proper ratio of carbon to nitrogen
    • It is great for garden beds or garden amendment.
    • Garden bed top dressing: apply around ½ to 1 inch evenly over existing garden to amend the soils.
    • Lawn top dressing: apply between ¼ to ½ inch evenly working it down into the grass and water in.
    • New sod installation: apply between ¼ to ½ inch evenly and till in.