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Landscape Supply Store – We Deliver – Houston, TX

Texas Garden Materials is a family-owned local Houston landscape supply store. It is a direct source of bulk landscape supplies. There are many options for mulch, compost, topsoil, stone, flagstone, rocks, gravel, sand, boulders, and more. All landscape materials are available for in-store pick-up with a truck or trailer. Certainly, we are open to the public. We offer fast delivery to your residential or commercial outdoor projects throughout Houston. Moreover, TGM also provides professional landscaping services. Our loyal customers include homeowners, landscapers, contractors, home builders, pool companies, and more in the Houston area. Come see us at Texas Garden Materials for competitive pricing, quality products, and friendly expert service.

Landscape Supply Store

At TGM you will find the best quality landscape supply options for your landscape outdoor projects. TGM is a one-stop-shop for landscape supplies needed to create a beautiful landscape design.

Customers may visit the Houston location to see the products available.  All products are available for curbside pickup with a truck or trailer. A TGM representative will load your supplies with a front end loader on to your truck or trailer.

Houston, TX – Location

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Premium Mulch

You will find many types of mulch and colors to choose from at the TGM landscape supply store. Best mulch in Houston!

Mulch Benefits

Mulch has many benefits. It enhances the look for garden beds and curb appeal.  Mulch conserves moisture in soil. Also, mulch breaks down into compost. Therefore, improves the health of the soil.


Flagstone Pavers

Choose from the many options of stones for your outdoor project at TGM.

Flagstone Use

Flagstone adds natural beauty to a landscape or any other indoor or outdoor project. It can be used for pathways, patios, stepping stones, water features, outdoor kitchens, flooring, pool decks, pool coping, garden bed edging, and more.

Rock & Gravel Stone

Find many rock and gravel options to choose from at TGM. Great for landscape accents!

Rock and Gravel

There are many shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore, rock and gravel can be used in drainage areas, foundation borders, garden bed edging accents, driveway borders, and more.


Soil Mix & Compost

TGM has many soil types that is screened and rich in nutrients. There are many options for any landscape project.

Soils and Compost

The soils and compost we carry at TGM can be used for raised vegetable garden beds, top dressing turf, and general landscape planting. You will find great quality soils at TGM.

chopped stone natural texas gray houston tx 77407

Chopped Stone

Choose from the many options of chopped stone for your outdoor project. Certainly, chopped stone make landscapes pop!

Block Stone

Chopped Stone is a natural stone produced in the Texas Hill Country. This stone is used as building supplies and landscaping materials. The common use is stone edging flower beds, outdoor kitchens, stone fireplace, stone siding, retaining walls, and more.

Bank Sand Topsoil Fill Dirt Richmond TX 77407

Screened Sand Options

Find many options of sand at TGM that can be used for many outdoor projects. Many of our sand types are screened.

Sand Use

Sand uses include playgrounds, filling lawn areas, grading, leveling, and more. Also, it is used for fill material or to build a base and leveling concrete.

Landscape Supply Delivery

Additionally, Texas Garden Materials offers fast delivery to homeowners, landscapers, contractors, businesses, and more. We deliver any landscape supply you may need to commercial or residential properties. The delivery service areas include Houston, Heights, Meyerland, Memorial, Sugar Land, Katy, TX and surrounding areas. When you are ready to place an order we will deliver any of our supplies direct to your landscape project. TGM has the capacity to deliver in a small trailer load, tandem truckload, or Semi truckload throughout the Houston area.

Contact us to place an order for pickup, delivery to your landscape project, or to inquire about delivery and installation services.

Black Mulch Delivery Truckload Houston TX

Mulch Delivery - Houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy

TGM offers expert fast delivery to homeowners, landscapers, and businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Houston Delivery Mulch - Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy

When you are ready to place an order we will deliver our mulch, soils, sand, gravel, and stone to your landscape project. Most importantly, no delivery is too small or too large.
garvel delivery richmond tx houston 77407

Gravel Delivery - Richmond, Katy, Sugar Land, Houston

TGM offers professional fast delivery to homeowners, landscapers, and businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Rock Delivery - Houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy

When you are ready to place an order we will deliver our premium mulch, soils, sand, gravel, and stone to your landscaping project. No Delivery is too small or too large.

rocks and stones delivery pavers houston tx 77407

Landscape Stone Delivery - Richmond, Houston, Sugar Land

TGM offers delivery to homeowners, landscapers, and businesses in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Houston Landscape Stone Delivery - Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy

When you are ready to place an order we will deliver our premium mulch, soils, sand, gravel, and stone to your landscaping project. No Delivery is too small or too large.

Landscape Design Ideas

mulch installation mulching commercialproperty houston tx 77407

Mulch Install in Houston

Choosing our mulch install service will save you money, time and energy. We work with homeowners, businesses, contractors, and more.

Mulch Install Service

There are many reasons to choose TGM for your commercial or residential mulch services. Our company is fast, dependable, and efficient. Therefore, our mulch install team will spread the mulch in the most consistent and effective way.
Black Star Gravel and Concrete Pavers Walkway Backyard Landscaping in Houston, TX

Landscape Walkways

Find walkway ideas with many types of patterns, shapes, and textures. Get rid of muddy pathway areas by installalling a walkway.

Landscape Walkway Install

You no longer have to step on muddy grounds. Not only do walkways allow for a path throughout your yard, they also enhance the appearance and ambiance.

black mulch and stone edging houston-tx-77407

Landscape Edging

Landscape edging gives garden beds shape and structure. Certainly, it will make your landscape pop!

Landscape Edging Install

A border along a garden bed makes edging weeds or mowing grass easier in contrast to an open garden bed. With many design options available, a lawn edging can outline a landscape and define lines.
front yard landscape design services flower bed houston tx 77407

Rock and Gravel Landscape

Find many rock and gravel options at TGM. Gravel is often in low-water yards as a replacement for mulch.

Rock and Gravel Install

It is great for numerous outdoor projects. Moreover, it is often used as a mulch in garden beds and bare areas. The uses include garden beds, planters, pathways, gravel driveway, drainage areas, and more.

Front Yard Landscaping Houston, TX

Front Yard Landscape

Creating a beautiful front yard landscape will enhance your home's curb appeal. Texas Garden Materials can help you transform your landscape.

Front Yard Landscape Install

Our expert team will help you transform your landscape into a dream outdoor space. Most importantly, we focus on saving you money, working with your budget, and enhancing your landscape design.

Backyard Pool Landscaping Houston, TX

Backyard Landscape

Relax in a beautiful backyard landscape that brings color and texture to your outdoor space. At TGM we offer free landscape quotes.

Backyard landscape Design

At TGM we create landscape designs that will make your backyard landscape pop. Thus, your outdoor space can be transformed into an amazing backyard escape with the TGM team.

Front Yard Flagstone Landscape Edging Houston

Landscape w/ Flagstone Pavers

Stone adds beauty to a landscape or any outdoor project. It is a flat stone used for landscape edging, pathways, patios, and more.

Flagstone Landscape Install

Adding flagstone pavers to your landscape or any indoor or outdoor project will add a more natural feel to it. Above all, flagstone will make your landscape stand out from the rest.

Backyard Landscaping Hardscape Flagston Pavers Patio Houston, TX

Flagstone Patio on Gravel

Expand your outdoor space with a natural flagston patio. Surely, adds a beautiful natural feel and enhances your landscape design.

Flagstone Patio Dry Construction

Dry construction means stones that are not cemented together. Flagstones are installed on sand and gravel. Most importantly, flagstone patio dry construction is less expensive than wet. A natural flagstone patio will give your landscape design a instant enhancement.
Black Star Gravel Driveway Houston, Tx 77099

Gravel Driveway

At TGM we create durable long-lasting gravel driveways. Our expert team create gravel driveways with a solid long lasting surface.

Gravel Driveway Install

Gravel driveways are made up of many layers of various types of gravel. As a result, top layer choices for gravel driveways might include decomposed granite, pea gravel, washed limestone, black star gravel, and more.

About Texas Garden Materials

TGM is a local Houston landscape supply store with a friendly skilled staff. The Team at TGM has years of experience and knowledge that can help you with your landscape project. At TGM we will help you to choose the right materials for your landscape install project. Certainly, we are open to the public. Stop by our store to pick-up your landscape materials. Our loyal customers include homeowners, landscapers, businesses, contractors, builders, restaurants, and pool companies.

Also, we provide fast delivery service directly to your project site. TGM has a fleet of small to large delivery trucks available to deliver all around the Houston area. Most importantly, we value your time and strive to provide fast delivery service at the scheduled time agreed. Additionally, Our delivery service area includes, Houston TX, Richmond TX, Sugar Land, TX, Rosenberg TX, Stafford TX, Bellaire TX, Missouri City TX, Katy TX, and surrounding areas.

Furthermore, we offer commercial and residential landscape services. The team at TGM has a passion for creating pleasing landscapes that are sustainable, enjoyable, and inspiring.  Hence, each landscape is unique and reflects the costumer’s vision and style. Most noteworthy, our customers are always pleased for not only our quality workmanship but also our friendliness and professionalism.

Come see at Texas Garden Materials for lower prices, quality products, and friendly expert service.

Houston, TX – Location

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Texas Garden Materials starts with a pledge to commit and deliver the highest level of attention to each of your landscape installation projects.

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