Texas Garden Materials is a local Houston mulch supplier. It is a direct source of premium bulk mulch. Customers may visit the Houston mulch yard location to see the mulch types available. Mulch is available for curbside pickup with a truck or trailer. A TGM representative will load your mulch with a front-end loader on your pickup truck or trailer. Moreover, TGM offers mulch delivered to your mulching project throughout Houston, Heights, Memorial, Piney Point Village, Bunker Hill, River Oaks, Meyerland, Bellaire, Stafford, Sugar Land, Katy, and Richmond, TX, and surrounding areas. Furthermore, TGM also provides professional mulching services.

Mulch Yard

Indeed, Texas Garden Materials has the best mulch for sale. TGM mulch supplier is near the intersection of Old Richmond Rd and Bissonnet. Customers include residential homeowners, landscaping companies, landscapers, contractors, home builders, construction companies, pool companies, HOA communities, churches, apartment complexes, and more. So come by the TGM mulch near me in Houston, and the TGM team will help you choose the best mulch in Houston for mulching.

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At the TGM mulch yard in Houston, TX, you will find quality, long-lasting premium mulch. In addition, TGM has various selections of bulk mulch types available. Most notably, the premium mulch is a double shredded mulch made from recycled tree trimmings, hardwood mulch, and organic materials.

Black Mulch near me

Black Mulch is a double shredded popular mulch made from recycled tree trimming.

Hardwood Brown Mulch near me

Hardwood Brown Mulch is recycled trimmings composted from Texas native woods.

Pine Bark Mulch near me

Pine Bark Mulch is the bark from pine trees. It is great for acid-loving plants.

Pine Deco Mulch near me

Pine Deco Mulch is a blend of pine and hardwood mulch. One of the best mulch.

Kiddie Cushion Playground Mulch near me

Playground mulch is safe for children and pets. It is certified engineered wood fiber.

Cedar Mulch near me

Cedar mulch is known to repel mosquitoes. It has a pleasant cedar aroma.

Mulch Delivered – Houston, Memorial, Bellaire, Katy, Sugar Land, TX & Surrounding Areas

Texas Garden Materials has the best mulch delivery service in Houston. Providing fast and professional mulch delivery and installation service to our customers is very important to us. We have a large fleet of small to large mulch delivery trucks. When delivering mulch to residential homes, we use our smaller mulch dump trailers that allow easy access to driveways. Mulch is delivered loose directly to the home driveway. Customers may place a tarp on the driveway before we arrive, and we will unload the mulch on the tarp.

Furthermore, TGM also offers 18-wheeler semi truckloads of mulch to commercial properties. When ordering semi truckloads, there must be access for an 18-wheeler to enter. Also, TGM offers dump-truck loads of mulch delivery service directly to your commercial landscape project site.

Mulch delivery near me

Residential Mulch Delivered – Bumper Pull Trailer Load ~ 10-12 yards

mulch delivery Houston

Commercial Property Mulch Delivered – Dump Truckload ~ 12-15

Bulk mulch delivery

Houston Mulch Delivered – Semi-Trailer Truckload ~ 65-70

Mulching Installation Services – Houston, Katy, Sugar Land Area

Installing mulch on your residential or commercial property will instantly enhance your curb appeal. Indeed, it will make your property landscape look fresh and well maintained. Additionally, TGM premium mulch is made from organic and all-natural wood debris and is kid and pet-friendly. Our team experts offer their expertise to customers who could use our specialized fast and easy mulch installation service. Our commercial clients include schools, Houston Apartment Management Companies, Commercial businesses, HAO Management Companies, Realtors, Property Management Companies, Restaurants, Shopping centers, and more.

Indeed, the mulch Installation process at Texas Garden Materials is straightforward:

  1. Our team will start by helping you choose the best mulch for your landscape project.
  2. After choosing the best mulch for your mulch installation project, our team will help you calculate how many cubic yards of mulch you need to cover the area. After that, a TGM team member will schedule an appointment to measure the site where the mulch is needed.
  3. The next step would be to plan your mulch installation service at your earliest convenience.

Our team will professionally spread the mulch and apply the mulch evenly 2-3 inches thick. Indeed, the team will clean up any debris left behind after the mulch installation is complete.

Mulch Benefits

  • Enhanced landscape curb appeal.
  • Mulch conserves moisture in the soil.
  • Continually breaks down into compost, improving the fertility and health of the dirt.
  • Mulch Reduces weed growth.
  • It keeps roots warm in winter and cool in summer.

The best time for mulching in Houston is in the early stages of spring or summer, when the temperatures begin to rise. Additionally, the mulch will keep the soil cool and promote new plant growth, flowers, and trees. Fall is also a good time for mulching, keeping soil temperatures warmer, and giving your plants a head start to spring.

Contact our experienced team of professionals for more information about our affordable mulching installation service or discuss mulch delivery to your property (minimum order is required). Fill out the mulch installation form, or call Texas Garden Materials at 832-409-1931.