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Moss Rock Boulders – 2 Men – Price/Pallet



  • 2 Men Moss Rock Boulders
  • Red/Brown
  • Every boulder is unique and is available in different sizes.


  • Moss Rock Boulders can be used for accents in landscape designs.
  • Water Fountains
  • Pool Accents
  • Pool Waterfalls, and more.


Moss Rock Boulders from Texas are one of the most long lasting beautiful rocks.  Every boulder is unique. It is available in different sizes.  Adding moss rock boulders to your landscape design will add a natural look. Boulders are commonly described as One-man, two-man, three-man boulders. Boulders can be used for  accents to your landscaping, water fountains, pool accents, pool waterfalls, and more. The moss rock boulders come in a Red/Brown color.


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