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Texas Garden Materials sod suppliers have St Augustine sod for sale by the pallet. One pallet of grass covers about 450 square feet and has approximately 170 grass squares. Indeed, TGM has St Augustine grass available for in-store pick-up. In addition, the TGM garden center is open to the public. A TGM team member will load your pallets of sod grass onto your truck or trailer with a front-end loader. In addition, there are other types of sod for sale, such as bermuda grass, emerald zoysia grass, and many others. There are also many types of soil and compost for sale for sodding. Customers include homeowners, landscaping companies, landscapers, contractors, home builders, construction workers, restaurants, businesses, churches, schools, daycares, and more.

Furthermore, TGM also offers fast grass delivery to your landscaping projects throughout Houston, Meyerland, Memorial, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, and surrounding areas. The driver will unload the pallet of grass on the driveway or a paved area using a spider forklift. The pallet of grass is 4 feet wide x 4 feet tall. If you also need bulk topsoil, TGM will deliver soil in a dump trailer, tandem truckloads, or trailer loads. A dump trailer holds 5-6 cubic yards of topsoil, a tandem truckload about 10-12 cubic yards, and a trailer load about 35 cubic yards. 

In addition, TGM offers professional sod installation services. Indeed, contract TGM to lay sod professionally on your property. TGM sod installation service will include sod removal, spraying weed killer, till the soil, spreading compost topsoil, and installing grass. We use clean, premium topsoil and fresh sod from the farm for each sod installation project. All landscape supplies needed for your grass installation project will be delivered and installed professionally using quality supplies.

Call us at 832-409-1931 for help placing an order for sod delivery, or email us by filling out the grass request form.

  • Spec:
    • Turf Loam Soil Topsoil
    • Screened with a few clay clumps.
    • 60/40 blend of course sand and bio-solids soil mix.
    • It is an ideal combination for topdressing existing lawns.
    • Base and leveling soil mix for new sod installation.
    • Fill in lawn areas with dips and holes.
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • St Augustine grass is the most popular grass for sale in Houston, TX. This sod forms a thick, carpet-like sod, crowding out most weeds and other grasses. At TGM, the grass is sold by the pallet and by the piece at the Houston landscape supply location. One pallet of grass covers 450 square feet. Also, we offer Houston sod delivery directly to your landscaping project. Not only do we deliver, but we also offer sod installation in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Rosenberg, Bellaire, TX, and surrounding areas. At TGM, we take pride in selling quality grass that is weed and disease-free.Specs:
    • St Augustine Grass
    • One pallet of sod covers ~ 450 square feet.
    • Dark green grass with broad, flat blades.
    • Thick, carpet-like surface.
    • Capable of crowding out most weeds and other competing grasses.
    • Perennial, robust grass
    • Hardy grass
    • Residential Sod Installation
    • Commercial Sod Installation
    • Church Lawns
    • School Lawns
    • Apartment Lawns
    • Office Complex Lawns
    • Park Lawns
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick sod delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Specs:
    • 40 lb. Bag
    • Covers 6,000 square feet
    • 8% Nitrogen, 12% Phosphate, 16% Potash
    • Provides the nutrients lawn grasses need in the fall to ensure vigorous initial growth in the spring
    • Formulated with phosphate and potash to ensure your lawn stays healthy and disease-free
    • St. Augustine
    • Bermuda
    • Centipede
    • Bahia
    • Zoysia
    • Bluegrass
    • Perennial Ryegrass
    • Fescue Grasses
  • Texas Garden Materials has Landscapers compost for sale in bulk quantities. Landscapers compost is available for purchase by the cubic yard. Indeed, this compost is excellent for top-dressing lawns. Also, landscapers compost is used for new sod installation and great for a flower bed or garden amendment.Specs:
    • Mature Landscapers Compost 5/17"
    • Premium manure-based landscaper compost is mature and tested.
    • Blended to the proper carbon ratio to nitrogen for composting.
    • Lawn Topdresser: apply between ¼ to ½ inch evenly, working it down into the grass.
    • New Sod Installation: apply between ¼ to ½ inch evenly and till it in.
    • Flower Bed or Garden Amendment Topdress: apply around ½ to 1 inch evenly over the existing garden to amend the soils.
    *Delivery and tax is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • Specs:
    • Premium Garden Soil Mix Topsoil
    • Consists of Bio Compost
    • Humus
    • Screened loam soil
    • Very popular for raised garden bed.
    • Flower Bed
    • Vegetable Garden
    • It provides exceptional nutrient retention as well as drainage for plants.
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931
  • Specs:
    • Bank Sand
    • Screened sand with few clay clumps.
    • Used as a base and leveling.
    • Used to fill in lawn areas with dips or holes.
    • Used as a base when installing grass.
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
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