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Landscape Materials - Houston, TX

  • TGM sand and gravel have river rock for sale by the cubic yard in bulk. Customers may come by for pick-up or may choose our delivery service option. Also, TGM offers river rock installation services.Specs:
    • White Marble Rock
    • Clean 2 inch - 4 inch diameter
    • Landscaping Rocks
    • White Marble
    • Yard Drainage
    • Landscaping Edging
    • Rock Garden
    • Landscape Accent
    • Flower Bed Landscaping
    • Home Foundation Border
    • Walkway / Pathway
    • Driveway Border
    • Ponds
    • Xeriscaping around trees and shrubs
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Specs:
    • 40 lb. Bag
    • Covers 6,000 square feet
    • 8% Nitrogen, 12% Phosphate, 16% Potash
    • Provides the nutrients lawn grasses need in the fall to ensure vigorous initial growth in the spring
    • Formulated with phosphate and potash to ensure your lawn stays healthy and disease-free
    • St. Augustine
    • Bermuda
    • Centipede
    • Bahia
    • Zoysia
    • Bluegrass
    • Perennial Ryegrass
    • Fescue Grasses
  • Stone and brick mailbox columns are a great way to add elegance to your property. Made from chopped limestone, they offer durability, customization options, and a modern aesthetic. TGM provides professional installation services for stone and brick mailboxes in Greater Houston.Specs:
    • Brick Mailbox / Stone Mailbox
    • Natural Stone
    • Chopped Stone Limestone Gray 4″ x 4″
    • Natural Stacked Pattern
    • Cap - Chopped Stone Limestone Gray 4″ x 4″
    • Masonry Custom Stonework
    • Modern/Contemporary Column Mailbox
    • Mailbox for brick mailbox and stone
    • Pro Series Outdoor Natural Stone Sealer
    For a quick mailbox installation quote for your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • Specs:
    • 3/8 Limestone Gravel
    • Washed Limestone Landscaping Rocks
    • Size 3/8" - 1/4"
    • Predominantly White with a mixture of off-white, gray, and brown mix.
    • Gravel Patio
    • Gravel Driveway
    • Driveway Border
    • Landscape Edging
    • Gravel Walkway / Pathway
    • Rock Garden
    • Yard Drainage
  • Specs:
    • Bulk Bag / Super Sack
    • Dimensions (Internal): 35 inches x 35 inches x 38 inches
    • Material Capacity: Holds one cubic yard of materials
    • Material: Uncoated Material GSM 170
    • Design Features:
      • Open Top with Flap and Ties
      • Solid Bottom for Stability
      • Lift Mechanism: Equipped with Four 10-inch Lift Straps
      • Lift Label: SWL (Safe Working Load) 3000 pounds, SF (Safety Factor) 5:1
    • Construction Sites
    • Warehouse Operations
    • Industrial Settings
    • Agricultural Use
    • Landscaping Projects
    Ordering Options:If you wish for your product to be bagged into super sacks bulk bags, please order the same number of super sacks as yards of product. Have Questions? Contact us at 832-409-1931 for assistance.
  • Crushed Granite is a landscaped gravel excellent for residential and commercial landscape construction projects. At TGM, crushed granite is sold in bulk by the cubic yard. You may come by for pick-up or choose our delivery service option. We also offer crushed granite installation services.Specs:
    • Crushed Granite
    • Crushed Gravel
    • Landscape Gravel
    • Size 5/8 inch
    • Brown/Orange color
    • Landscaping Edging
    • Rock Garden
    • Flower Bed Landscaping
    • Home Foundation Border
    • Walkway / Pathway
    • Gravel Driveway
    • Driveway Border
    • Ponds
    • Desert Landscape
    • Patio Base material and other hardscape construction projects.
    • Landscaping Projects: Enhances flower beds, borders, and garden paths
    *Add to cart and proceed to checkout to view the delivery fee, or call us at 832-409-1931 to inquire.
  • Specs:
    • Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
    • All-natural forest material that is composted from a mix of native woods, leaves, and clippings.
    • Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
    • Brown Mulch
    • Front Yard Landscape
    • Backyard Landscape
    • Raised Garden Bed
    • Flower Beds
    • Garden Pots
    *Delivery is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
  • Specs:
    • Black Mulch - Premium
    • Lasting Decorative Mulch
    • Double Shredded Mulch
    • One cubic yard of mulch covers ~ 100 square ft at 2-inches in depth.
    • Made from recycled tree trimmings - hardwood mulch.
    • Color-enhanced using a carbon-based dye that is kid and pet-friendly.
    • Mulching Flower Bed
    • Raised Flower Beds
    • Garden Pots
    • Front yard Landscape
    • Backyard Landscape
    • Modern Landscape
    • Instantly enhances your curb appeal.
    • One yard of mulch covers ~100 square ft at 2-inches thick.
    *Mulch delivery and installation is not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931.
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