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Cedar Mulch – Price / Cubic Yard


Cedar Mulch is a natural mulch that is reddish-brown. This mulch is a favorite because it helps repel insects and provides a pleasant fragrance. Most importantly, cedar mulch does not decompose fast and lasts longer than bark mulches. TGM offers mulch delivered to your landscape project and provides mulch installation services.


  • Cedar Mulch
  • Double shredded mulch
  • Fine-textured
  • Long-lasting
  • Pleasant cedar aroma
  • Reputation for repelling insects
  • Red to brown


  • Front Yard Landscape
  • Backyard Landscape
  • Raised Garden Bed
  • Flower bed
  • Garden Pots

*Mulch Delivery and mulch installation are not included in the price. For a quick delivery quote to your area, please call us at 832-409-1931 or email us.



Cedar Mulch is a double grind mulch made from native trees from the Texas Hill Country. This mulch is fine textured, red to brown in color, long lasting, with a pleasant aroma. It contains cedar oil which makes the mulch decompose slowly, lasting longer than other mulch varieties. Also, Cedar Mulch has the reputation for repelling insects.

TGM Mulch Yard – Houston Mulch On Sale

Texas Garden Materials is a Houston mulch yard and landscaping service company. TGM Customers include homeowners, landscaper, contractors, landscaping companies, builders, restaurants, and other businesses in Houston. You may pick-up at the Houston, TX mulch yard location. TGM is open to the public. Surely, there are many mulch types such as black mulch, hardwood brown mulch, red mulch, pine bark mulch, cedar mulch, certified playground mulch, and more.

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Cedar Mulch in Bulk

Most importantly, is it cheaper to buy cedar mulch in bulk or bags? Buying mulch in bulk is more economical than buying mulch in bags. Bagged mulch usually cost about $5.99-10.99 depending on the mulch type you purchase. Bulk mulch cost is between $30-$39 per cubic yard. Furthermore, every cubic yard of mulch equals 13.5 bags of mulch. The cost of buying 1 cubic yard of mulch at $39 versus buying 13.5 bags at $80.37 or more is more economical.

Cedar Mulch Benefits

The best time for adding mulch to you landscape flower beds in Houston is to be done is in the early stages of spring or summer when the temperatures begin to rise. Hence, the mulch will keep the soil cool and promote growth of new plants, flowers, and trees. Likewise, fall is also a good time for installing mulch keeping soil temperatures warmer and also giving your plants a head start to spring.

  • Enhanced look for garden beds and curb appeal.
  • Conserves Moisture in soil.
  • Continually breaks down into compost improving fertility and health of the soil.
  • Reduces weed growth.
  • Keeps roots warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Reputation for repelling insects.
  • Contains cedar oil and this mulch type decomposes slowly.

Cedar Mulch Delivered in Houston

TGM offers cedar mulch delivery directly to your home or job-site project. We deliver bulk mulch in Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, when delivering mulch to residential homes we use a smaller dump trailer that allows for better access to the driveway. The smaller dump trailer can deliver in increments of 10-12 yards straight to your driveway. If you need larger amounts of gravel we also deliver in bobtail truckloads or semi truckloads. When delivering mulch in bobtail truckloads we can deliver up to 12-15 yards. In semi truckloads we can deliver 65-75 yards. Once you have placed a mulch order with a TGM representative we will then add you to the delivery schedule in the order we received it.

Cedar Mulch Installation Services – Houston

The best time for mulch installation to be done is in the early stages of spring or summer when the temperatures begin to rise. The mulch will keep the soil cool and promote growth of new plants, flowers, and trees. Fall is also a good time for mulch installation keeping soil temperatures warmer and also giving your plants a head start to spring. We offer is cedar mulch installation service in Houston and surrounding areas. Texas Garden Materials offers residential and commercial mulch installation services. Because we are a landscaping supply store, our mulch service pricing is very competitive. Even more, our team is dependable, professional, and experienced. If you would like to schedule an appointment call us at (832) 409-1931.

Follow the link for more information: Mulch Delivery and Installation

How Much Cedar Mulch Do I Need?

One cubic yard of mulch covers about 100 square feet at 2 inches in depth. Certainly, TGM wants to make it easy for you to determine how many cubic yards of cedar mulch you will need for your flower beds. The TGM mulch calculator below can help you determine how many cubic yards of mulch you will need for your landscape.

To request mulch delivered or mulch installation services please call us at 832-409-1931 or email us.


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