Hardwood Mulch – Price/Yard

///Hardwood Mulch – Price/Yard

Hardwood Mulch – Price/Yard

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  • All natural forest material that is composted from a mix of native woods, leaves, and clippings.
  • Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Brown


  • Garden Beds
  • Garden Pots
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Hardwood Mulch is a double shredded mulch produced from all natural forest material. It is composted from a mix of native woods, leaves, and clippings. This mulch gives your garden beds a more natural look. Furthermore, it conserves water, suppresses weeds, regulates soil temperatures. It also breaks down to add nutrients and organic content to planting beds.

Mulch Benefits:

  • Enhanced look for garden beds, Curb Appeal
  • Conserves Moisture in soil
  • Mulch continually breaks down into compost improving fertility and health of the soil
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Keeps roots warm in winter and cool in summer

The best time for mulch installation to be done is in the early stages of spring or summer when the temperatures begin to rise. The mulch will keep the soil cool and promote growth of new plants, flowers, and trees. Fall is also a good time for mulch installation keeping soil temperatures warmer and also giving your plants a head start to spring.


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