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Landscape Edging Stone Install 4″ x 4″ – Double Layer


TGM offers several types of natural Chopped Stone Landscape Edging Installation options. At Texas Garden Materials we install professional landscape edging for commercial properties and residential properties. Chopped Stone Edging comes in various stone types, colors, and layers. Certainly, upgrading your landscape with stone edging will instantly add curb appeal.

  • Natural Chopped Stone Landscape Edging 4″ x 4″
  • Double Layer
  • Up to 400 linear feet included.
  • Pro Series Natural Stone Sealer
  • TGM Professional Installation Services
  • Houston, TX 77407

*price varies based on project to project, and does not include taxes.


TGM offers a professional chopped stone landscape installation package for your landscape edging. It is available for residential and commercial customers in Houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy, and surrounding areas. Surely, natural stone flower bed edging will instantly transform any landscape design. With a wide variety of chopped stone options available, you could have an upgraded beautiful landscape.

Process of Installing Chopped Stone Landscape Edging

We take pride in installing professional custom chopped stone landscape edging. Each garden edging is custom installed to your landscape design. You may choose from a single layer or double layer garden edging stones. Supply, Delivery, and Installation of natural chopped stone is included in the landscape edging installation package.

Below is the process of installing chopped stone landscape edging:

  1. Prep and grade flower bed landscape edging
  2. Add sharp sand for leveling
  3. Install Natural Chopped Stone (your choice of a single layer or double layer border)
  4. Custom cut stone to your landscape design such as straight-line landscapes, landscape slopes, or landscape curbs.
  5. Apply Natural Stone Sealer to the natural chopped stone to protect it from the elements and staining, increasing the length of their life.

An additional service charge may apply for any alterations or deviations from the above specifications involving extra cost. Alterations will be done only upon a written change order. Furthermore, the cost will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. All elements are contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control. Finally, the standard price does not include material price increases. Also, pricing does not include additional labor and materials which may be required should unforeseen problems arise after the work has started.

Also, at Texas Garden Materials we offer free landscape consultation services. The process of the TGM landscape design consultation services is as follows:

Step 1:

The process begins by speaking over the phone to discuss your desires and preferences. We then schedule an appointment to walk through the property and conduct site analysis.

Step 2:

Furthermore, after discussing your desires in person, we will assist you in picking out the best-chopped stone option to complete your project. Our focus is on helping our clients achieve their goals in the most cost-effective way.

Step 3:

Upon analyzing the landscape design, we will send you an email with the proposal and example pictures. Once you have accepted the proposal we will schedule the delivery and landscape edging installation on a date that is most convenient to you.

Houston Service Area for Chopped Stone Edging Installation

We service Houston and surrounding communities, including Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, and Katy. Our landscape supply store is located in Richmond, TX 77407.

If you are looking to upgrade your landscape design with chopped stone landscape edging, the TGM team is ready to help. We will help you beautify and transform your landscape using our natural chopped stone. Certainly, at Texas Garden Materials we offer professional landscape borders.

Other Landscape Edging  / Flower Bed Edging Installation

We offer alternative popular landscape edging packages. Each package includes supply, delivery, and installation of all materials needed to complete the landscape edging project. For a custom size landscape edging fill out our inquiry form and we will gladly assist you. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 832-409-1931 or via our Contact Us page.

Additional information

Stone Type

Limestone – 4"x4", Sandstone – 4"x4", Oklahoma – 4"x4"


Gray, Multi-Brown, Tan, White


Single Stack, Double Stack, Triple Stack

Package Qty

1/2 Pallet (4×4) – 105 ln. ft., Full Pallet (4×4) – 210 ln. ft.