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Chopped Stone Limestone – White – 4″x4″ – Price/Pallet


Texas Garden Materials supplies white limestone by the pallet. It is commonly used as stone landscape edging.  Certainly, it is a beautiful natural white limestone that will enhance the look of any front yard landscape or backyard landscape.


  • White Limestone ( colors slightly vary due to natural material)
  • Sawn top and bottom
  • Natural stone texture
  • Vary in dimension and weight.
  • Chopped block stone is shaped in squares and rectangles.
  • 4 inch by 4-inch height and width.
  • 1 pallet covers ~ 210 linear ft
  • Lengths of the stone will all vary depending on the stone you choose.


  • Natural stone used as building supply and landscaping supply.
  • Commonly used for stone landscape edging.
  • Edging Walkway, Garden, and lawns
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Stone Siding
  • Retaining Walls and more. 
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Texas Chopped White Limestone rock is one of our most popular stone. Chopped stone is shaped 4 inches by 4 inches in height and width. The estimated coverage of chopped stone will on average cover roughly 210 linear feet per pallet. Most noteworthy, it has a sawn top and bottom flat faces for simple installation. Additionally, the texture and lengths of the stone will vary depending on the stone you choose. This natural stone is used as building supply and landscape supply. Furthermore, white limestone is commonly used for Stone Landscape Edging, outdoor kitchens, stone fireplace, stone siding, retaining walls, and more. Certainly, white limestone is a beautiful natural stone that will upgrade your landscape.

White Limestone For Garden

Limestone Chopped Stone is ideal for landscape edging, walkway edging and lawn. Natural Stone landscape edging adds value and beauty to any front yard and backyard landscape. Also, using natural stone to create an edging around a landscape will add definition and dimension. Certainly, TGM offers landscape edging services throughout the Houston and surrounding areas. Most noteworthy, we offer single-stacked stone landscape edging, double-stack stone edging and triple-stack stone landscape edging. Surely, the TGM Team will guide you through the process of choosing the right style for your landscape. Contact our team via email or call us at 832-409-1931.

Process of Installing Limestone Edging Stones

  1. Excavate, Grade and Level landscape edging
  2. We add sharp sand/stabilizing sand for leveling.
  3. Haul off excavated debris.
  4. Install Natural White Limestone Chopped Stone.
  5. Custom Cut Stone to reduce gaps between the stone. (each landscape is different)
  6. Make sure the stone landscape border is level.
  7. Seal stone to reduce staining or molding. (optional)

Houston Service Area for Chopped Limestone Delivery & Installation

TGM offers White Chopped Limestone Delivery and Installation. We service Houston and surrounding areas, including Richmond, Sugar Land, and Katy. Our landscape supply store is located in Richmond, TX 77407. Houston chopped limestone delivery is available by the pallet. Our loyal customers include homeowners, landscapers, contractors, businesses and more. For residential orders stone is delivered directly to their driveway. Commercial stone orders will be delivered directly to their landscape project. Even more, we offer professional stone landscape edging throughout the Houston community. 

Call us at 832-409-1931 with any questions or contact us via our online forms. Our team at Texas Garden Materials will be happy to help you.


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